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RECOMMENDED TRAILERS: Instead of posting every dinky trailer that hits the web, I'm just going to do the dirty work and post the clips worth a shit. So, I present to you this week's Disco Picsof web trailers! So out of this week's bunch, what ranks high on the OMFG-THAT-IS-SO-COOL-METER...?

01. ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO MAN! MAN!! This looks so cool I think I've got to go clean myself up... WOW. The third movie in the Desperado series! In addition to Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek, are Johnny Depp and Enrique Igalisas. This movie hasn't been hyped much YET as far as ad time on television... but it looks to be a SERIOUS action flick.

02. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE .....holy...... shit....... *is reeeeeally terrified* This looks like a SOLID remake. Beyond solid. This looks positively freaky. The art direction of the trailer was enough for me to be interested. Let's hope the art direction of the film is as creepy!

03. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE: A comedy starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves. This is in the same niche as Jacks As Good As It Gets, which was a brilliant quirky comedy. I will be interested to see this one-- it looks like fun!

04. SCHOOL OF ROCK Jack Black's latest comedy. Looks to be entertaining, unfortunately I can't shake the feeling that there's going to be a message at the end... something sappy. Oh well. Worth a shot!
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