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INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS: Variety reports that "The Ring" Producers Roy Lee and Doug Davison will produce an updated version of the several times remade 1956 sci-fi classic.

THE LECTER VARIATIONS: Hot Dog Magazine indicates Dino DeLaurentis was so impressed by Macauley Culkin's performance in the upcoming "Party Monster" that he's considering him for the role of a young Hannibal Lecter. (If you'd like to see the disturbing PARTY MONSTER trailer, click here. It will start downloading automatically.)

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: FilmJudge reports that Tsui Hark might direct the new He-Man film adaptation.

TROY: A seriously cool pic from the upcoming war epic of Brad Pitt in full armor. This is the first really good shot released onto the web... Check it out!
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