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THE PASSION: IMDb News indicates Fox seems to have picked up the distribution rights according to recent news reports.

THE SINGING DETECTIVE: Movie City News has been slowly but surely building up big and they recently scored around a dozen new shots from this Robert Downey Jr. / Mel Gibson film remake of the quirky 80's BBC mini-series about those most romantically musical of subjects - exema and detective noir. Click for pics!

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Some more pics from the horror remake are now up at the official site. Click for pics!

TROY: Wolfgang Petersen confirmed to Die Welt that the movie will most likly be renamed "The Trojan War", whilst more sweet on-set photos are now up at Pacenos. Click for pics!

WONDERLAND: Six stills (courtesy of Dark Horizons) from the LA-set early 80's murder drama. In the film Val Kilmer plays legendary porn star John Holmes, alongside the likes of Kate Bosworth and Lisa Kudrow whilst its currently slated for an October 3rd release.

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