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ANGEL (TV): AP Wire reports that Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest star as Buffy on two episodes next year.

THE AVIATOR: A biopic on Howard Hughes starring Leo DiCaprio has some piccies up for snagging. Also featured are some shots of Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow... Click for pics.

BATMAN:: Its expected to begin production in Feb 2004 with either Christian Bale, Josh Hartnett or Cillian Murphy from 28 Days Later. Murphy seems the most likely to get it as Hartnett doesn't seem to be interested and Bale is stalling because if he takes on Batman he knows he can kiss goodbye to a future chance at the Bond role. (OMFG! If Cillian gets it I AM SO THERE... he could SAVE this trainwreck.)

FIREFLY: The Hollywood Reporter indicates the film version of the cancelled Joss Whedon series will go into production in first-quarter 2004.

RIDDICK: IGN Filmforce reports that the new film will not be the first of two but in fact a trilogy. (This was widely rumored before but not confirmed)

STARWARS: Some major spoilers out about Anakin's "injuries" for the third movie... An insider for TheForce.Net has revealed a huge spoiler about Anakin and his injuries in the final prequel.... "So you heard that Anakin loses a leg? I'm impressed, they haven't even shot that scene yet - maybe this week? Between that and his arm and you've got a wicked mixture of man and machine. That, and that whole burned to a crisp deal. Literally. Well, I've got something else to add. His leg is gone from about the knee down or so, not at the thigh like some have speculated. AND he loses something else as well. All of his hair is gone - singed in the fire. And he gets that massive head wound in Episode III - the one you see briefly on Vader unmasked in Return of the Jedi" WOW!
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