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Baba's Box Office is Back!

All hail alliteration!

Sorry for the gap in posts, folks, but the last few weeks of movies has really been a big pile of suck, and talking about how much money they made didn't really interest me too much. (Whoo-hoo! Run-on sentences!)

This past weekend was really fascinating, though.
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star was the number 1 film in the country this past weekend...

...with a whopping SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

7 mil? This officially makes Dickie Roberts the first film to both bomb and conquer the box office simultaneously.
(You know, to be honest, I didn't even know Dickie Roberts had opened this weekend. Seriously. the ads are on non-stop, but they were clearly unsuccessful.)

The only other new movie, The Order, opened in a disappointing 6th place with $4.3 million.

Salvation, however, is on the horizon. Next week sees the opening of a triple threat of movies that officially open the Fall quality movie season:

Matchstick Men, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and (in certain cities) Lost in Translation.

Movies can be good, kids. Don't be afraid to go see one.

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