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FilmBug's Movie Hive

All The Buzz About the Biz!

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Welcome to FilmBug's Movie Hive!
All the Buzz About the Biz!

They're remaking WHAT?!
They cast WHO?!

Your new movie buzz headquarters! WOO WOO! Post tips and scoops or catch up on the latest out of Hollywood! Movie dorks unite!


WHO CAN JOIN? -- Any and all people who enjoy movies and have motor skills! As long as you have a fetish for film, you're welcome to be a drone in the Hive! In fact, the more the merrier! Always happy to spread some love and honey! Bzz! Bzz!

WHAT CAN I TALK ABOUT? -- The topic of conversation is and will always be movies and movie news! This includes movie-related topics such as soundtracks, posters, LJ icons, movie-related auctions for junk and paraphenalia. As long as it involves films, it's kosher. As a solitary exception, it's also perfectly fine to talk about what's new on the small screen! Television is just as much an influence on a movie geek's day as pictures on the big screen-- and we don't discriminate! By all means, go nuts! Bzz! Bzz!

WHAT CAN I GET IN TROUBLE FOR? -- Any posts that are off-topic are subject to DELETION by the Queen Bee. But don't fear! As long as it hovers around the area of being on-topic, you're safe. For instance, a post about the Loch Ness Monster has little to nothing to do with films or television, so it'll probably get DELETED... unless you're talking about a movie scoop for a film on the Loch Ness Monster, that is.

If you advertise for any other forums, you will be BANNED. Seriously, this is not a place to recruit people. Furthermore, I find it particularly irritating.

Any and all posters who show disrespect to the Hive may find themselves permenantly BANNED. And as a side note, if you're a member of any "rate" LJ communities, don't bother applying. I don't want sacks of shit like the Exhalted mucking up our fun! This is a light-hearted forum, not a lounge for assholes. So play nice! Bzz! Bzz!